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In The Meantime!

The meantime is the time between one occurrence and another; an interval. It is also the intervening time between two events.  The time between those two events where God comes and intervenes for you. It’s at the intervening time when something happens that turns my situation around. That’s the time the enemy is fighting so hard to keep you from.  He’s trying to keep you from your time of intervention. How many of you have ever seen TV when people have an intervention with somebody? It’s hard to help somebody if they don’t show up for the intervention. There is a point in our struggle that Jesus has designed to show up, but when He gets there, we’re nowhere around. 

Somewhere down the line, we quit. We gave up. The shame of our situation, kept us away from Him. The bible teaches us that in this world we will have tribulations; people are going through some stuff now. There are a lot of struggles going on. Life is not easy, for neither the unsaved nor the saved. It’s time out for living in a fantasy; thinking once you get born again that you’re never going to go through anything. Once you get born again, your fight has just begun. Now, understand, Jesus won the victory, therefore the battle is already won.

Your battle is to stand on what Jesus has done for you. We would be fantasying if we thought the moment we got saved that everything was now smooth sailing for us. When you are in the process of going through, the meantime, you have to employ your patience.  Doing whatever you need to do to make sure patience goes with you, because without it you will never reach the promise. Patience always looks at the promise; it never looks down or back at the problem, it's focused on the promise. It’s what will get you through.   Anytime you might say ‘ it’s sure getting hard’ . Patience in you will say ‘ Yeah, but, remember the promise’. That’s all your patience will point you to.

Pastor Perry Walker, Sr.


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