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                                                 A Matter of Trust



Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed. Ps 37:3 KJV
God in order to satisfy His intense and great love for His people has given His son the Lord Jesus, to pay the ransom due for us because of our sin. He did this that we may now enjoy all the benefits of the kingdom of this dear son. Therefore, if He has given and provided all things that are needful for a good life as well as a godly life. then it no longer becomes a matter of when He will do it, but rather a matter of do we trust in what He has already done.
The bible teaches us that faith is a trust and sole reliance on the finished works of Christ. It is the substance for all hopes and dreams. When a believer settles in their mind the trust issue, all doubts and fear of failure then becomes a thing of the past. Questions like Am I really healed? Can I really live a life without lack? Can I really live free from my past guilt and shame? Has God really forgiven me of this horrible thing I did? These are just a few things that many believers war with in their souls, things that God has already taken care of through the work of his Son on the cross.
Trusting God places you in the winner’s circle. God cannot lie or be proven to be false. When He speaks that settlesi t. NOW faith or trust in God requires you to respond in obedience, if you are to see the manifestation of what you hope for. It already awaits you just believe, obey and you will receive. Always remember Jesus loves you, and there is deliverance for you!!


Pastor Perry Walker, Sr.








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