Deliverance Family Worship Center

                               2017 The Year Of Manifested Prayer


With every New Year the Lord gives me a theme or focus for our ministry, partners and friends concerning his will, desire and plan for us during that year. Those of you who follow our ministry have noticed in the last few months our focus teachings have been on prayer, along with word management. This is because God is equipping us to be used in this New Year to be the ears and voice for heaven.


Jesus said in Matt 21:13 “It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” We here at Deliverance Family Worship Center have answered the call to a lifestyle of prayer. Prayer is essential for the fulfillment of God’s purpose on earth. This can only happen when we as God’s people decree his purpose and plans for the earth through prayer.


We must be the mouth piece of the Lord, which allows him the right to intervene in the affairs of this planet. Prayer can no longer just be a religious option but must become a necessary lifestyle. Jesus said we must pray to the Lord of the Harvest. This means that He has an abundance of blessings he is ready to release into the earth, and he is looking for someone to give him the license to do so.  


2017 is the Year of Manifested prayer for all who will choose to be used of God to voice his purpose, and plan into the earth through prayer.


Pastor Perry Walker, Sr.

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