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                                                 The Blessing Empowerment



God blessed man as the last work of creation and over time mankind has lost the power of the word blessing. It means empowerment, but many believers have turned it into just a pleasant way of greeting one another. The blessing is the very creative force of God, and by it God created everything we see. It’s not just some religious word we use in our every day life to make us seem super spiritual. The Blessing is God’s supernatural ability placed on us to do supernatural things. It will guarantee success in every arena of life and will work in any environment no matter what the circumstances may be as long as we listen and obey God’s instructions.

Failure is no longer an option when you understand that you are blessed. When you begin to meditate on the Blessing it changes your mentality. The poor, woe is me person will begin to fade away and a new man will appear which can do all things through Christ. You then realize that you are the head and not the tail and that you are above always and will never be beneath. You become the lender and not the borrower, blessed to be a blessing. Dominating in your area of life and turning all waste places into Eden the garden of the Lord.

Pastor Perry Walker, Sr.








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