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The Unveiling Power Of Faith




The bible says in the book of Deuteronomy 29:29, that the secret things belong to God, but those things that are revealed are ours and our children's forever. God has provided and set aside everything we will ever need and desire in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Satan knows that if we are unaware of what has already been made available through Christ, he can rob us of our inheritance and cause believers to struggle through life not having the thing they need and desire, in hopes that they will believe that God's word is not true . He manipulates natural circumstances in order to veil and hide the truth of what already awaits us in the realm of the spirit, thereby causing us to put our trust in our senses.


Satan tries to keep secret what God has setaside for his children. God greatly desires to reveal these secrets and make them knownto us in order that we and our children may possess and enjoy his blessing to the full. God in his infinite wisdom has dealt to every man the measure of faith. Faith reveals as a true reality what has not been revealed to the senses. It’s like driving down a road in a thick and dense fog with no visibility, the road is there but you just can’t see it. When you turn on your fog lights it cuts through the fog and enables you to see what was once hidden. Well that’s how faith works, it unveils what is hidden by natural circumstances. Faith makes known the truth of God’s fulfilled promises.When you know the truth, then the truth frees you from the enemy’s deception, giving you access to all that God has for you. So I encourage you to stand in faith no matter what it looks like and you will be greatly amazed at what lies just behind the veil.


Pastor Perry Walker, Sr.








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