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                                                 A Faith Response!



Jesus made it clear to us in St. John 16:33 that as long as we are in this world we will experience trials and tribulations. When life throws us a challenge that requires us to respond, there are many ways we can choose to respond. If we want a positive outcome, the response we give in the middle of that challenge is very important. How we respond determines what will happen next. A faith response will always release supernatural manifestation. If we desire to see a supernatural manifestation we must base our response on the finished works of Christ. If we do that, then our faith takes and makes available to us what grace has already provided. We know that God through the finished works of Christ has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness.


Therefore, when we encounter life challenges we must choose to respond based on our revelation of Christ’s finished work for us. Your first response to a situation is vital to the outcome of that situation. For example, paramedics are called first responders because they arrive on the scene of an accident and give vital care to the patient to keep them stable until they are brought to the hospital for care. Their first response to that patient is important to the patient's outcome. In the same manner your response is important to the outcome of your situation no matter what it is. So beloved, I encourage you to always make your first response, A Faith Response!




Pastor Perry Walker, Sr.








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