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Blessed Are They ThatMourn, For They Shall Be Comforted
Many times when we see the word ‘mourn’ it is associated with the emotional sorrow, coming from some type of loss. When we see it used by Jesus in Matthew 5:4, it might raise the question, why would Jesus say I’m blessed if I mourn? Well, you must first understand that Jesus is not referring to ‘mourning’ in the sense of losing a thing or person; but here the word ‘mourning’ meansto humble yourself in fasting as a means of seeking and drawing close to God.
When we translate what is really being said, it would read something like this “Blessed are those who humble themselves in fasting for they will find the comfort of the Holy Spirit.” It is the losing not of a person or thing but, the willingness to lose oneself, to gain a closer relationship with the Father that brings the ultimate comfort.

When a person mourns in fasting it increases their capacity to receive from God, all that he has made available through his Son, bringing them into complete and total satisfaction. It is an empowerment that very few people ever experience because they never gain the discipline to esteem the presence of God above the need and desire for their on natural pleasures.
Perry Walker, Sr.

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